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I have had a passion for painting since I got my first set of oil paints for Christmas when I was a child. I took painting and drawing lessons with our family friend, Marietta Haunsz. In high school, I took advanced placement studio art and put on a show of my work Senior year. While at Smith College I took painting and drawing classes, but used my passion for painting in the theater department. By chance, my freshman advisor was Kiki Smith, head of Costume Design at Smith. I took Costume Design classes all four years, minored in Theater and my senior year, I designed the costumes for the Spring play and also a fellow student's dance thesis.

Despite my love of painting, after college I got sucked into the corporate world and never had time for it. I got a job, got married, got my MBA from Duke and figured I would live in the world of financial statements and marketing plans for the rest of my life. After my son Jake was born in 2004, I decided to take the "slow track." I started working part-time and eventually no-time, so that I could be home with Jake and then his brother Charlie who arrived in 2006. Now that the boys are both napping at the same time I have a few hours every afternoon to paint - and I love it!

Custom Children's Artwork started out as a hobby - painting pictures for Jake and my friends' babies. Soon, I realized that not everybody wanted mass produced art from Pottery Barn on their children's walls and knew that there was a market for my paintings. My paintings make great baby and shower gifts and each is unique and custom painted to order.

You can reach me at or 678-358-3068.