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September 25, 2006



I can't believe I made it onto the Jake and Charlie website!! I'm so glad that ya'll could come and thanks for posting such lovely pictures. Luckily birthdays and anniversaries only come around twice a year so I have plenty of other nights to come over!


Cheryl - Kate! We are so honored to have YOU for our big day and it makes it even more sieapcl that you are our close friend!! The images are all so amazing, its hard to choose a favorite. We had such a fun day at the shoot. Can't wait to see our wedding through your lens. Love you and Happy New Year!P.S. You have to come over and watch at least a quidditch scene of one of the Harry Potter movies. You will love it:)3.22.2011 2:11 pm


- Cheryl I can't wait for your wedding and I am honeord to be able to document the day! I am so happy you and Jake love your images. I am looking forward to an amazing 2012 wedding season! I will definitely need to come over and catch a scene of the real QUIDDITCH!!! 3.22.2011 3:37 pm

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