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October 22, 2006


Ella Cate & Natalie

I'm laughing at myself here... I was trying to play fun with all the kids but at the same time was terrified that one would AWOL or they would collide into each other in a sugar induced frenzy. Thanks, Gray, for keeping me calm;)


Jill. That's a really good qstueion. lolI'm dying to know a TON about the third book but I'm also one of those goody goody types that don't want it spoiled. Mostly, I'd just love to read it! *takes time machine to April*One thing I guess, is where are you at the moment in the editing/revision process? HeheAlso, a bit confused with this line in the post: Half of the interview will be printed in the back of the book, It sounds like you are going to put half of the interview on the back of FDW? lol Am I right? If so, I've never seen an interview' on the back of a novel, usually just synopsis and quotes of people saying they loved the book. My two cents, Leighton

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