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October 01, 2006


Aunt Mary

When Gran and Great Aunts were girls we cheered for the (Milwaukee) Braves in Wisconsin. In grade school the sisters put the radio on the speaker system when they played in the World Series and won. Since the teachers usually kept to pretty strict schedule, it was all a huge deal and lots of fun to have a ball game piped into the classroom.


Hello Mrs Williamson. First I have to say what a GREAT series you have wrtiten. The blood of kings series are like my favorite books EVER!!!!!!!! I was wondering if the end of this series is going to be sad? Like in a no Achan Vrell happily ever after. Thank u for taking my question.


As much as everybody would want to start over with Iran and bemoce allies someday, i dont believe that will happen. This issue just gives Iran another excuse to go against us. Yes this issue may not be right, but they could very well be doing the same thing.

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