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October 07, 2006


Aunt Hesta

I love the butt move by Henry. Too cute!


A person could say it is silly, but every time I visit the ceemtery where my son, my Mom, my maternal grandmother, etc., folks are buried, I take more pictures! No, it is not illegal. Some cemeteries might have rules against it?If you could find out the details of that alleged lawsuit, it might make sense. Basically, any one can take all the pictures they want: except where expressly prohibited (as at the Alamo; the Louvre permits picture-taking as long as it is not a flash) or of individuals. E.g., no one is allowed to take my photo unless I give written permission (or any individual, unless they are a public figure, such as sports stars, rock stars, politicians, etc.


Emily / My guess would be your confirmation. Those were the suits you wore. I think the last time you wore a suit for a hoilady was when you were real young and still lived in Philly.

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